Patterned Glass Flush Ceiling Lights

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A patterned glass flush mount fixture, whether a simple glass style or ornate floral design, is an easy and elegant way to lend visual interest at the ceiling level. After all, lighting is more than just illumination, it is a way to layer the light and decor in a room. 

Choose from a wide variety of patterned glass flush mount fixtures at Netlighting. We have a carefully chosen selection of fixtures for you to choose from whether you are looking for something simple and modern or colourful and bold, we are sure to have the perfect fixture to match your vision. 

Choose from frosted glass, amber glass, polished chrome, antique glass, and many other styles to coordinate with your existing decor. 

Mix and match materials and finishes to create your unique look. We have a variety of sizes, styles, shapes, and finishes for the ideal piece. 

At Netlighting, we want to make sure that you find the widest variety and highest quality light fixtures for any lighting project large or small. 

Make sure to take into account the ceiling height when choosing your fixture as you don't want it to hang too low. Also, be sure to choose your finishes carefully, too many finishes in a room can easily become overwhelming. If you have 2-3 finishes already present in a space choose one of those, preferably the most prevalent, and select a fixture in that finish if possible That will give your space a polished and pulled-together look worthy of any professional interior decorator. 

At you can narrow your search for the perfect painted glass flush mount fixture by colour, size, and amount of lights to ensure that you peruse only the fixtures compatible with your project.  

Changing out an existing flush mount fixture or adding a new one is an easy way to add much-needed light for safety and beauty and to layer the lighting look in a room. Lamps, ceiling fixtures, and wall fixtures can be used to create the ideal amount of light any time of the day or night. Don't just get your lighting from just one source but rather layer the look to really make a room seem welcoming and comfortable. 

A flush mount patterned glass fixture can be used for ambient lighting or task lighting. Perfect in a bathroom or bedroom, the simple flick of a switch can banish the dark instantly. An overhead light will also add depth, texture, and beauty to any decorating scheme. 

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