Integrated LED Design Ceiling Lights

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Traditionally, lighting has also been two separate pieces, a bulb, and a fixture. While it made sense in the 20th century, and even until recently, the downside is that incandescent bulbs have a short service life compared to LEDs. 

Integrated LED designs turn that concept on its head because it is an integrated fixture, as the name implies. The LED lights are incorporated directly into the fixtures or luminaries. 

In a traditional lamp or fixture, the bulb must be switched out at the end of its life while an LED (light-emitting diode) can last up to 50,000 hours. 

An LED integrated fixture is extremely versatile, especially as a ceiling fixture. At we have a huge selection to choose from. Our integrated LED designs range from something as simple as a strip of lights for hard-to-light areas to elaborate ceiling fixtures that look like works of art. 

No matter where you need lighting an integrated LED fixture may be a perfect choice. 

Netlighting has a wide selection of LED fixtures to choose from including simple and elegant to elegant and elaborate. No matter the size or scale you are looking for, these fixtures combine the advantages of LED lights with a unique look that makes them stand out from traditional lighting fixtures. 

Mounted on the ceiling in a flush or semi-flush fashion integrated LED fixtures come in a wide variety of finishes, styles, shapes, and sizes. Take into consideration the room or area that you want to light and try to coordinate the finish with your existing finishes. Netlighting has LED fixtures in nickel, white, crystal, metallic, black, satin, and many other finishes to pair perfectly with your existing decor. 

You can also peruse the many options for styles that this category offers. 

Graceful flowing shapes abound as do geometric styles and more traditional designs. 

Great for task lighting, an LED fixture can be used over an island, counter, or desk for light right where you need it. 

You can also layer a lighting look in any room with a stylish integrated LED fixture. 

Light up a dim walkway or corner with beautiful LED light or try one in a bedroom or over a dining table. An exquisite and expertly crafted LED fixture is an effortless way to lend a modern flair to any space. 

Customize your search for integrated LED lighting at by the number of lights, width, height, and/or colour to find the perfect fixture for your project. 

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