Glass Shade Clusters Ceiling Lights

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Beautiful glass shade clusters are a wonderful way to lend brilliant light and a bit of sparkle to your aesthetic. If you are looking for flush mount glass shade cluster lighting you have come to the right place. 

Netlighting has a wide variety of this type of fixture. Whether you want coloured, clear, or opaque glass you are sure to find the ideal piece. There is also a large selection of styles, sizes, and shapes to coordinate perfectly with your decor. 

Clear glass shades that allow you to see the inner workings and bulb work well with an industrial or steampunk style, while minimalist decor works best with sleek shades that disappear against ceilings. No matter what your taste level you are sure to find styles that range from classic and traditional to retro and contemporary on our pages. 

Flush mount fixtures are great for small spaces or areas with low ceilings due to their low profile and nearness to the ceiling, hence the term flush mount. 

Fill any space with beautiful light when you add in a glass shade cluster fixture that puts the light right where you need it for safety or ambience. 

Lighting is an important feature in any dwelling so make sure to choose pieces that reflect your style and personality. 

At you can easily browse for all sorts of fixtures including glass shade clusters. 

Glass shade clusters are an effortless way to lend chic style and an eye-catching look to any space. Perfect for playing lighting, a ceiling mount fixture washes walls with light and creates a luminous look. 

Add brilliance and style to any room with a glass cluster fixture perfect for ambience or task lighting. 

Narrow your search for the perfect fixture at by filtering your search to a particular finish, number of lights, or by size to determine the ideal fixture for any decorating project. 

Lighting is not just for illumination it can define a space and add a glow to draw the eye and add a focal point to lend drama to a setting. 

Have fun with your lighting and step outside your comfort zone with a slightly more industrial, modern, or traditional style than you would normally choose. lighting is an easy way to refresh decor and lend beautiful light. 

Our selection ranges from unique and colourful to modern or sleek as well as rustic and traditional. You will find just the right fixture here at Netlighting! 

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