Smaller Chandeliers

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Even though a smaller chandelier may be smaller in stature it is certainly not smaller in style or elegance. Perfect for any room of the home a smaller chandelier is a versatile fixture that can go where large fixtures simply cannot go. 

If your style is tried and true then the logical placement for a smaller chandelier would be in the foyer or over the dining table. If, however, your style is more unconventional then a smaller chandelier could be placed in a bedroom, bath or even the kitchen.

A chandelier would look stunning over a kitchen island or over the table for family meals. Who says all the fun and fancy needs to be reserved for company?

No matter where you hang your new chandelier it is sure to become the focal point of the room. This is especially true if the chandelier is ornate or covered in crystals. At Netlighting we have a large selection of dramatic and glamorous smaller chandeliers as well as more demure, casual chandeliers. 

You will find various sizes, shapes, styles, colours and finishes at to fulfil all of your lighting dreams. 

Make sure to take into consideration the placement of your new chandelier. Two main factors are important to remember, where it will be placed and the hanging height. A too low chandelier will impact a room's traffic flow while a too high chandelier might be too dim to have any impact. 

Smaller chandeliers are the kind of style stars that have the power to guide a room’s design. Perfectly suited to task lighting, a smaller chandelier could be used over a desk or counter for a bit of glamour. Or try a smaller sized chandelier in a corner with a comfortable chair for a cosy reading and relaxing spot. Next to a bed is a terrific choice for a smaller chandelier as well. It won't take up valuable real estate on a bedside table and the light will be overhead for better reading or working. 

The chandelier you select will need to reflect your home’s design aesthetic. It must be the right size for the space; too small and it will look dwarfed, while a too-big chandelier can overpower a room.

Narrow your choices for a smaller chandelier by using the filters available at Netlighting. Filter by finish, black, white, chrome, crystal, glass or other and by width, height or number of lamps to find just the right fixture. 

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