Multi Arm without Shades

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Multi-arm fixtures without shades come in a wide range of styles, shapes, sizes and finishes at Slightly less formal than chandeliers with shades, chandeliers or multi-arm fixtures without shades, are somewhat more approachable and versatile. And, of course, you can always choose your own shades to add later if that is your goal. 

Multi-arm fixtures are wonderful for lending drama and excitement to any decorating style. 

Whether crafted with a gold, white, bronze, brass or chrome finish they are all visually interesting and add a certain something to a decorating scheme. 

Perfect for using over a table for dining and conversation or in an entryway to welcome guests, a multi-arm fixture is an easy choice. 

There are several sizes to choose from at Netlighting whether you need to fill a large space or are looking for something to suit a smaller room such as a bedroom or a reading nook. 

A multi-arm fixture doesn't always mean dramatic and bold, it can mean demure and casual, too. No matter what your taste level or expectations, you are sure to find the perfect fit right here. 

Multi-arm fixtures without shades can be elegant, fun, quirky or eccentric. And, unlike conventional fixtures, they come in many styles, colours and designs. Modern, retro, industrial and more are all options depending on your decorating style. 

Choose one that will blend with your decor to create the perfect atmosphere. 

Another nice thing about chandeliers is that since they hang from the ceiling, you can rearrange the furniture beneath them whenever you want. Decorate all you want, the chandelier remains in place giving off beautiful light allowing you the freedom to change your mind at will. 

Think outside the box and consider a chandelier in a non-traditional room. What about a small chandelier in a bedroom next to the bed instead of the expected lamp? A pretty chandelier would also look lovely in a kitchen over a workspace or even in the bath. 

A well-placed chandelier can boost the design of any room. Not only will an eye-catching chandelier lend light it will help add interest at the ceiling level to keep the eye moving. 

Try out different looks in your mind as you browse through our wide selection of multi-arm fixtures without shades. The wide array of designs, styles, sizes and finishes are sure to spark your imagination and help fulfil your lighting vision. 

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