Grand Chandelier

As the name implies a grand chandelier is a dramatic, statement-making light fixture. Suitable for any home style, a grand chandelier can overwhelm a space so make sure you have chosen the right fixture for the right space. 

To help with that selection, keep in mind the overall size of a grand chandelier. Although dramatic, not all grand chandeliers are huge, they can be dramatic by virtue of their materials or length, too. A small or large space can accommodate a grand chandelier with the correct placement. 

The glamour and sheer exuberance of a grand chandelier is an easy way to transform a space. and you don’t have to save the fun for the dining room or entryway either. You can use a grand chandelier in a kitchen, bedroom or living area. There is a place in every home for a grand chandelier. 

And as with all the fixtures we offer, our selection of grand chandeliers come in a wide variety of materials, finishes, shapes and sizes. 

You will find linear chandeliers in silver leaf as well as polished chrome chandeliers dripping with crystals and everything in between. 

No matter whether your style is traditional, modern, minimalist or something in between you will find what you are looking for at Netlighting. 

What better place for a grand statement than the foyer? Make the most of a high ceiling with a large-scale piece, such as a crystal sparkler, which signals guests to expect beautiful style ahead. And in a small flat, a chandelier can be just the dash of excitement needed to make a makeshift foyer feel like a grand entrance.

The right lighting can make or break the look and feel in a room so make sure to go over all of your options at Netlighting. You will find just the right grand chandelier here on our pages. 

Sparkling, shining, gleaming, and exciting our wide variety of grand chandeliers is sure to entice. 

There are many ways to incorporate a grand chandelier into a space whether you are looking for a large modern chandelier or a more traditional look. It's easy to get inspired by browsing Netlighting's extensive selection of grand chandeliers. 

No matter what style, shape or size you choose, a grand chandelier will make an impact on your decor. A dramatic chandelier is an effortless way to instantly refresh any room of your home and lend beautiful, warm light. 

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