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Show off your style with a beautiful pendant light that is something different from what everyone else has. Unique, beautiful and versatile, pendant fixtures are easy to place in any home and act like lovely drop earrings with a simple dress. They can transform a space instantly with their mere presence. 

Not only do pendant lights come in all shapes, sizes, styles and finishes they can lend that little something different to make your decor really pop. 

For example, at Netlighting you will find unique pendant lights in geometric shapes, some with striped shades while others are formed in glass clusters to resemble shining soap bubbles. Perfect for adding flair over a desk, bed, counter or table a pendant light places the light just where you need it as well as a warm glow. 

A unique pendant can be used to serve the three main lighting functions that you’ll find in well-lit spaces: general, accent, and task lighting. You can use them just about anywhere as they are so versatile. 

A natural for a kitchen counter or island, pendant lights are great for the gathering spots and workspace these spaces create. Pendant lights with a little something special are the ideal fixtures here for proper lighting for cooking and food preparation. Hung singly or in multiples, this is the perfect place to show off your decorating skills in lighting. 

Not to be outdone, an entryway or foyer is also an excellent spot for a beautiful pendant light. Something along the lines of a seeded glass drop pendant or a 15 light chandelier would be stunning here. 

At we also have whimsical pendant lights suitable for a play area or child's bedroom. You will find pendants in the form of aeroplanes, colourful numerals, helicopters or even a princess carriage to light up a youthful room. 

Be sure to check out our unique fixtures that would be wonderful over a dining table as well. Fixtures to add rustic flair such as a 6 lamp rope and wood pendant or imitation wood branches and linen shades fixture to lend that something different that you have been looking for. 

Don't rule out other spaces in your home for a unique pendant light. You can place a fixture in a bathroom, bedroom or home office to create just the right look and illumination. 

You will find a variety of traditional finishes at Netlighting to complement your existing decor as well as unexpected finishes such as wood and rope. 

Let there be light in your home with something different! 

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