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Dome Pendant Ceiling Lights

Dome pendant lights come in a wide variety of styles to suit many decorating needs. The dome shape defines this type of pendant and can stand out in any space as a centrepiece or focal point in the area.

Add a dome pendant light for a layered look in a kitchen, living room or entryway to instantly update and upgrade these areas. 

Choose from gleaming matte finishes to stunning antique brass and everything in between to pair with your existing lighting or hardware to create a cohesive and coordinated look. 

Dome ceiling lights are available in black or white as well as lustrous marble to sparkling glass to suit all of your decorating needs. Once you have decided on a colour or finish there is the option to go with a sleek, modern style or a more traditional dome light. There are designs and styles for every taste level. 

Complement the decor in any room of your home with a versatile dome light. A kitchen area can benefit from dome lighting above an island or a dining table in a breakfast nook. Often used locations such as hallways, foyers, entryways or a workspace can also benefit from the addition of a beautiful dome pendant light to add brilliance right where you need it. 

Take the use of a dome pendant light one step further and replace traditional bedside lighting with a handsome dome pendant above the bed. Any area that supports ceiling mounted lighting is fair game for a versatile and eye-catching dome pendant light. 

Netlighting is your one-stop-shop for a vast collection of dome pendant lights in all sizes, shapes, colours and styles. Find a fixture to complement your space perfectly whether your tastes run from the traditional, ultra-modern, farmhouse or mid-century modern. You can even find retro-inspired styles and vintage looks in our collection of dome pendant lights to inspire your decor and add much needed warm light. 

You have many lighting choices for your home here at so our advice is to take your time and take note of the type of dome shade that you desire. You will find weathered zinc shades to brushed nickel shades as well as clear glass or sleek chrome among our offerings. Take inspiration from decorating magazines, websites and TV programmes to help make your choice as well when you are shopping. Finally, consider whether your dome pendant light will be a single light source or one of the multiple light sources in addition to room layout and placement. 

With our wide selection of dome pendant lights, you are sure to find the perfect fit for your space. 

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