Screwless Switches and Sockets

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Aside from looking sleek and modern, screwless switches and sockets have many other benefits. As previously mentioned, they have a sleeker, cleaner look since the screws holding them in place are not visible. Simply put the plates for screwless switches and sockets have a higher class look and feel than typical wall plates. 

Everyone has probably experienced the cracking of a switch or wall plate when tightening the screws. That problem does not exist with screwless versions. Since the screws are covered by the screwless top plate any crack that might occur is covered up. No one will be the wiser. 

Screwless switch plates and sockets are great for use in homes with children, too. There are no visible screws for little fingers to fiddle with. The front plate is very hard for small fingers to pop off making these plates safe for use around kids. 

Now that you've decided on the move to screwless switches and sockets, you will find there are a variety of options for design, colour, size and style here at Netlighting. 

Whether you need a single switch plate or a plate with a myriad of features, you have come to the right place. Netlighting offers screwless plates with USB chargers, fold away phone holders, dimmer switches, fan isolators and much more. There are also plates for SAT TV outlets, network outlets, dual voltage outlets, blank plates, fused spur units and many more options for every switch and socket need. 

Choose from a variety of colours for switchless switches and sockets as well with the assortment at Polished chrome, polished brass, matt black, matt white, black nickel are just some of the colour choices available in this category. 

Now that you have chosen the correct screwless switch or socket cover for your lighting project, you may be wondering how to install them. Installing a screwless wall plate isn't any more difficult than installing a traditional style. The cover comes in 2 pieces with a subplate that fits around the wall switch and is screwed into place while the screwless cover snaps into place for a quick, seamless finish. 

The possibilities of screwless switches and sockets are varied so take into consideration the other finishes in your home to create a coordinated look whether you are adding many covers or just a few. Sleek and modern screwless switches and sockets will help update any area of your home easily. 

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