Ok here's the deal.

At Netlighting we deal with lights all day and all night. We talk about lights, we hear about lights and we (most importantly) sell lights.

The problem is, after we've sold a light fitting our customers are so satisfied and happy with it that we don't hear back until they buy again.

We're not complaining about that, it's great that they're happy but what we'd really love is to know is what they've done with the light we sold them.

Where did they install it? How did it change the look of their interior design?

Call us nosy but we'd really love to see pictures of your purchases after you've installed them.

We'd also love it if you could write a short review or description of what you've used them for, then we can post it here on our blog and also on our facebook and instagram pages.

So, to help you along we're giving £5 to everyone who sends us pictures of their Netlighting lights. (T & C's apply)*

Obviously, we'd also love to see anyone else's pictures as well but sadly we cant pay you for those :)

So send us your pictures to deals@netlighting.co.uk and post a comment below to tell everyone about it.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

The Netlighting Team

*(T & C's - One deal per order - only available on orders over £100 - Netlighting reserves the right to refuse the deal to any customer)