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You have come to the right place if you are looking for something a little different in wall lighting. You will find a huge selection of wall lights at for every space, style and aesthetic. Browse through hundreds of unique options that range from modern flush mount styles to industrial cage fixtures. Whether your look is modern, contemporary, retro, traditional or something in between, we are sure to have the out of the ordinary wall mount fixture to suit your taste. 

Wall mount fixtures are a wonderful way to layer the lighting in any room and with our huge collection of fixtures that are something different from the ordinary, you will create a signature space that is all your own. A unique coiled rope wall mount fixture will pop against a bare wall and add texture while a sleekly recessed wall fixture in white will appeal to a more modern aesthetic. Everything from matte finishes to antique bronze to gleaming chrome is an option for a while copper, gold, and clear glass are also on the table. 

Light up a dim corridor or enliven a boring bathroom with an interesting wall fixture. Hung on either side of a mirror, a pair of extendable fixtures in satin gold will not only add light they will lend a gleaming, jewellery like touch to your decor. 

There are wall fixtures that hang and fixtures that are shaped like musical horns. Netlighting has wood fixtures, art glass fixtures and exposed bulb fixtures to ensure that there is a style for every taste level. 

Lend your personality to any space of your home with a wonderfully versatile wall fixture that bathes a wall in warm light. Ideal for a reading nook, bedside or over a console table or mantel, wall fixtures take up very little space but add lots of personality and dimension. 

Whether you want a plain socket style fixture to something more intricate like a 2 light fixture in classic pewter you will find it at 

Keep a few things in mind while you browse our extensive selection such as colour and finish. Pair your new fixture with the existing finishes in a room for a coordinated look and also keep placement in mind. Make sure the style and size that you have selected will not be too small or too large for a space and that the fixture will not block a painting, mirror or architectural feature when it is hung. 

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